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Estellita Waltz

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  • Despite its static-filled recording quality from , “Sugar Plum" is an almost three minute long mandolin solo played by mandolin virtuoso and vaudeville performer Samuel Siegel accompanied by Roy H. Butin on the harp-guitar.
  • Jul 14,  · This time on a Indestructible Phonograph Record we have this beautiful piece, a waltz that reminds a little of the style of music from Italy,, recorded from a pioneer duet in early
  • Stella Waltz, Co-Owner, JES Stella Waltz and her husband, Jesse Waltz, founded JES Foundation Repair in Together, they have successfully navigated the growing pains of turning a small business into a multi-million dollar enterprise.
  • Company Matrix No. Size First Recording Date Title Primary Performer Description ; Victor: B in. 6/4/ Estellita waltz: Roy Butin ; Samuel Siegel.
  • Aug 29,  · 2min. Albany Indestructible #, ESTELLITA WALTZ, Mandolin Solo by Siegel (Aug. ).
  • Mar 26,  · Scott noted this cylinder preservation site on the front page. Most of the 12 catalogued mandolin cylinders are Samuel Siegel + one famous one by Demetrius Dounis. I contacted the director and am donating my 6 Siegel cylinders. They are lacking three of them and the others might be alternate issues of ones they already have. Eventually they will all be digitized on the site.
  • Estellita Waltz: Samuel Siegel, mandolin: 6/4/ Victor B Victor A: Indestructible Record Dm-Amaj: 6th string 3rd fret G sounds open? (high sub?) American Valor March: Samuel Siegel, mandolin: 6/4/ Victor B Victor B: Dmaj: Low F# and G sound open? (high subs) The G# does not: In Fairyland: Samuel Siegel.
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  • Roy Butin (born Logan, Ohio, October 30, – died Los Angeles, August 15, ) was an American recording artist in the early 20th Century, known for his playing of the Harp guitar. He recorded more than a dozen early cylinder and 78rpm records. Artists he recorded with included Samuel Siegel, Valentine Abt, and W. Eugene Page.. Contrary to popular belief, he was not part of the Ossman.

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