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Orchids Of The Fallen Empire

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  • We are experienced orchids growers for over 20 years. Located in Apopka, Florida. We grow phalaenopsis, dendrobiums, vandas, cattleyas, oncidiums, epidendrum and brassavola all year around. Visit our nursery or contact us for more information.
  • Mar 20,  · In the orchid world the term ‘flower spike’ means the part where the flowers grow. In other plants this part might be referred to as a ‘stem’ or ‘branch’. But with orchids it’s called a ‘spike’, or ‘flower spike’ to be exact. Flower spikes start to grow out from in-between the orchid leaves.
  • If you have a Phalaenopsis orchid (which is one of the most common orchids) otherwise known as a “Moth” orchid or a “Phal” and ALL of the leaves have fallen off, then there is not a lot that can be done. I know this is heartbreaking, from personal experience, because the above orchid is mine and I had taken very good care of it.
  • Dec 15,  · After flowers fall off, use a sterile razor blade to cut the flower spike and discard the tool after a single use. Optionally, you can disinfect a cutting tool with alcohol or flame it to kill germs.
  • You may be surprised to learn that there are hardy orchids for the outdoor landscape. The orchid family is huge, and while most of its members are tropical, there are some cold hardy orchids that make perfect garden specimens. Plant Delights Nursery carries a nice selection of cold hardy orchids for temperate gardeners. Although not quite as showy as the tropical house plant varieties, hardy.
  • The orchid family (Orchidaceae) is the second largest family of flowering plants, with about genera and some 26, species distributed nearly buttprofhiterplipiguasodorjuggtalev.xyzinfos are perennial herbs and feature unusual bilaterally symmetric flowers, with masses of pollen known as pollinia, and tiny, dustlike buttprofhiterplipiguasodorjuggtalev.xyzinfo are grown as ornamentals for their showy flowers, and several are of economic importance.
  • Orchids that grow from a single stem are called monopodial orchids. They have aerial roots and the stem will grow indefinitely. The leaves of this type of orchid grow from the end of the stem and flowers from the sides at the base of the leaves. Sympodial orchids, which are the more common of the two orchid types, grow laterally and have stems.
  • Aug 12,  · Orchids work in this balance because they are constantly switching their energy from one cycle to the next. Click on my “Season to Season Guide” post which further explains this. This is what I would recommend doing to your orchid now Wait to cut the stem back until all the flowers have fallen .

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