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  • ex·it (ĕg′zĭt, ĕk′sĭt) n. 1. The act of going away or out. 2. A passage or way out: an emergency exit in a theater; took the second exit on the throughway. 3. The departure of a performer from the stage. 4. Death. v. ex·it·ed, ex·it·ing, ex·its buttprofhiterplipiguasodorjuggtalev.xyzinfo To make one's exit; depart. buttprofhiterplipiguasodorjuggtalev.xyzinfo 1. To go out of; leave: exited the plane through a.
  • EXIT(3) Linux Programmer's Manual EXIT(3) NAME top exit - cause normal process termination SYNOPSIS top #include void exit(int status); DESCRIPTION top The exit() function causes normal process termination and the least significant byte of status (i.e., status & 0xFF) is returned to the parent (see wait(2)).
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  • Parameters. status. If status is a string, this function prints the status just before exiting.. If status is an integer, that value will be used as the exit status and not buttprofhiterplipiguasodorjuggtalev.xyzinfo statuses should be in the range 0 to , the exit status is reserved by PHP and shall not be used.
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  • Exit definition, a way or passage out: Please leave the theater by the nearest exit. See more.
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